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Incredible Tennessee-Made Treasures: Christmas Stocking Stuffers That Sparkle with Local Charm

There's no better way to infuse your Christmas stockings with a touch of Tennessee charm than by filling them with locally crafted treasures.

This year, elevate your gift-giving game with a curated selection of Christmas stocking stuffers that not only embody the spirit of the Volunteer State but also showcase the incredible creativity and craftsmanship found within its borders.

made in tennessee

From artisanal treats to unique trinkets, these Tennessee-made wonders are sure to add a dash of Southern magic to your holiday celebrations.

made in tennessee

Nashville, TN

Goo Goo Clusters, originating in Nashville, Tennessee in 1912, are a classic American candy and one of the first combination candy bars.

Howell Campbell, Sr. is credited with creating this confection that features layers of milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and marshmallow nougat, carefully crafted for a delightful blend of textures and flavors.

The name "Goo Goo" stems from a baby's first words, symbolizing the mix of "goodness" in one cluster.

Over time, the candy has evolved with variations like Supreme, Original, and Peanut Butter.

Beyond being a tasty treat, Goo Goo Clusters hold cultural significance in Tennessee, representing a nostalgic symbol of the region.

The Goo Goo Shop in Nashville offers not only classic clusters but also innovative flavors and merchandise, making them a sweet representation of Southern candy-making ingenuity and a piece of Tennessee's culinary history.

made in tennessee

Knoxville, TN

Crockett Creek, originating from a family recipe and Southern hospitality, gained fame in a small Tennessee town before expanding across the South.

Three decades ago, the family perfected a beef jerky recipe, leading to the establishment of Crockett Creek in Maryville, TN.

The jerky's popularity grew, prompting a move to a larger facility in Knoxville in 1994.

Despite becoming a well-known brand, Crockett Creek preserves its Southern roots, remaining a family-run business.

Crafting jerky in small, handcrafted batches without artificial preservatives, the company offers over a dozen flavors, marinades, and spice mixes.

Known for its quality and commitment to tradition, Crockett Creek has garnered a loyal customer base that considers themselves part of the family.

made in tennessee

Portland, TN

A family-owned and operated gourmet popcorn shop, Big Poppa Corn is renowned for serving irresistibly addicting caramel popcorn.

Situated in the heart of Portland, TN, this establishment provides a diverse array of popcorn flavors to cater to every palate.

Whether one craves a sweet treat or a more savory option, visitors are encouraged to stop by and experience the delectable offerings at Big Poppa Corn.

made in tennessee

Goodlettsville, TN

For over three decades, Willa’s Shortbread has been a purveyor of the finest Shortbread cookies and Cheese Biscuits, rooted in traditional southern recipes and characterized by meticulous attention to detail and quality, guarded as a family legacy.

Originating in the Highlands of North Carolina, Willa Allen's shortbread gained acclaim at local events, leading to its introduction at markets and the eventual addition of a second oven in her kitchen to meet growing demand.

The adaptation of the shortbread recipe resulted in the creation of the beloved Classic Shortbread, cherished for its rich, buttery goodness.

Willa also transformed her mother's renowned cheese straw recipe into the delectable Cheese Biscuits, featuring a deep cheddar flavor and a spicy bite.

Willa’s Classic Shortbread cookies and Cheese Biscuits quickly achieved legendary status across the Carolinas and the southern region.

As orders poured in from loyal customers nationwide, Willa began shipping her products, attracting a devoted clientele over the years.

Upon Willa's retirement in 2006, her son Clark, along with the Rion family partners, acquired the company, relocating the bakery to the picturesque hills of middle Tennessee, where the renowned shortbread continued to be crafted with the same care and attention.

Presently, Willa’s Shortbread is under the ownership and operation of the Rion family, upholding the tradition of delivering high-quality and delicious products.

Each item is meticulously handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and excellence, utilizing only the finest, all-natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives or artificial flavorings.

From its humble beginnings in the Carolina Highlands to the family bakery in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, Willa’s Shortbread persists as a cherished southern tradition, promising an experience of delightful indulgence.

made in tennessee

Nolensville, TN

Situated in Nolensville, Tennessee, Sweet Tea Candle specializes in crafting meticulously hand-poured candles using a soy-wax blend.

Their diverse range of scents draws inspiration from the changing Seasons and personal favorites.

The "bee-side" candle collection features popular choices like the Ring of Fire, Honkey Tonk Blues, and Burning Love.

In addition to this, Sweet Tea Candle offers traditional and special event candle lines.

Each candle is thoughtfully created from scratch and elegantly packaged in glass or plastic jars, making them ideal for gifting or indulging in a delightful treat for oneself.

made in tennessee

Manchester, TN

Established in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company embodies a mission centered on delivering both coffee and culture to individuals with a deep love for America.

More than just a purveyor of high-quality coffee, Black Rifle is a Veteran-founded enterprise led by principled men and women who hold a profound respect for those dedicated to protecting, defending, and supporting the nation.

The remarkable success of Black Rifle Coffee Company is greatly attributed to the exceptional work ethic and discipline of its Veteran employees.

As the company continues to expand, there is a steadfast commitment to hiring 10,000 Veterans, aiming to provide valuable opportunities to the military community that played a crucial role in the company's development.

made in tennessee

Chattanooga, TN

MoonPies, a classic American snack originating in the South, gained fame for their delectable blend of marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate.

Established in 1917 by the Chattanooga Bakery in Tennessee, MoonPies were initially created as a portable and affordable lunch option for coal miners.

The traditional MoonPie features two round graham cracker cookies enveloping a marshmallow layer, coated in chocolate.

While originally offered in a single flavor, the brand has since introduced variations like vanilla and banana.

MoonPies hold a cherished spot in Southern culture, often associated with festivals and fairs, evoking nostalgic memories of simpler times.

Their popularity soared during Mardi Gras parades, where they became a favored throw item.

Beyond the classic version, MoonPie has expanded its product line, offering different sizes, flavors, and seasonal variations.

Embracing its iconic status, MoonPies are celebrated in various events and have inspired merchandise.

The enduring appeal of MoonPies underscores their timeless charm and cultural significance in the South.

Whether savored on its own or incorporated into creative recipes, the MoonPie remains a cherished part of American snacking history.

made in tennessee

Niota, TN

Established in 1902 by James L. Burn, Crescent Sock Company, the oldest continually operating sock mill in the United States, stands as a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business.

The company boasts private label partnerships with national brands and retailers alongside its suite of house brands.

Operating in the heart of Southeast TN, the company provides approximately 100 jobs, contributing to the local economy.




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