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February 17, 2024



tennessee calendar

Learn about Olive & Sinclair while tasting your way through our unique process of making bean-to-bar chocolate.

You’ll see for yourself how our antique melanguers (stone mills), modern European technique and classic Southern flavors come together to create true Southern Artisan Chocolate. By the end, you’ll have a good taste of what it feels (and smells!) like to be a Southern Artisan Chocolate-maker - and don't worry, you’ll get plenty of samples along the way!

10 am- 5 pm. Each tour begins on the hour and last 30-40 minutes. Tickets are only $8 per adult (ages 13 and up), $5 per child (6-12), and include samples, as well as a complimentary hairnet, of course.

For more info, visit -

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