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April 27, 2024


Annual Spring Planting & Music Festival

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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Bandy Creek Visitor Center
151 Stable Rd, Oneida, TN 37841

Admission: FREE

Back in 1927, a couple named Lora and Tealie Ann Blevins bought 45 acres of beautiful rolling tableland in Tennessee.

Having grown up in the bottomland communities of the Big South Fork basin, they used their environmental and cultural knowledge to establish a small family farm on a plateau of rolling hills.

With their six children, Lora, Tealie, and their family worked and lived off the land, embracing and carrying on the rich cultural traditions of the region.

Step back in time in the Big South Fork this spring by visiting the Lora Blevins homeplace (near the Bandy Creek Visitors Center).

This day-long festival features plenty of events and is free to the public.

Food is available from vendors, or you can bring your lunch.

For more info, visit:

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